Co-Founder and Partner

Ryan Pantaleo

Ryan, a founding partner at PCG, leverages his 8+ years at Google and Shopify to guide businesses towards their growth objectives as a trusted advisor. He has an expertise in DTC & B2B growth strategies.

Ryan is a Co-Founder of Pivotal Consulting Group (PCG), a digital marketing and analytics company. Simply put, we accelerate your growth with Google. We act as an extension of our clients as business advisors first, not just digital marketers. Whether you’re a B2B brand looking to drive a higher quality pipeline or a DTC brand looking to grow ROAS, let our team drive the future of your business.Prior to founding PCG, I spent 9+ years leading sales teams at Google and Shopify where I learned the ins and outs of B2B & DTC growth. I partnered directly with North America's fastest growing businesses and these combined experiences were the foundation that fueled the entrepreneurial spirit of PCG.